Why do I need someone to manage my electronic media?

#1 The benefits can be extraordinary

your connection / influence with potential customers can be equal to several thousands dollars in other media advertising at a small fraction of the cost. You’re able to contact customers when and where they appear.

Surveys show 75-85% of people making a major purchases or considering a company will first search online

#2 Everyone is foremost a Google, a Bing or Facebook.

It’s Google and others that hold the customers and it is Google who decides which of their customers they will share your info with. Put yourself in Googles shoes, you quickly realize they want to retain their customers by offering the best search results possible. And that means you need to be exactly what their customer is looking for in every technical format. You need to prove your worth to Google as well as appeal to a wide range of purchasers in order to perform. Similarly Facebook’s customers has told them there not interested in being directly sold to by you. Even though you may think your post are being shared with all your friends, Facebook is reluctant to post items that there customers don’t show an interest in. And that’s the simple explanation, these formats also want to see that you are not static, provide continual engagement and improvement which requires quality updating of relative content.

#3 The yearly cost can be equal to 4-5 newspaper ads, with far greater results.

#4 A professionally managed program will allow you to monitor your success and institute changes for improvements.

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